Here Is A Good Reading Tool for Students with Dyslexia

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Chrome browser has a hidden reader mode feature accessible through Chrome://flags. Peter Horner has this informative video explaining how to enable this feature on your Chrome. However, since Chrome:/flags is a less secure version I usually do not risk using its features which is why a third party extension proves helpful in this case.

Reader Mode Chrome extension is a good alternative to Chrome's hidden feature and offers  way more sophisticated functionalities to enhance your online reading experience. It is also ideal for individuals with dyslexia. Reader Mode removes distractive features, ads and clutter from web pages and provides you with a reader friendly environment where you can channel your focus to what matters the most: the reading material.

Reader mode also includes dyslexia support and offers dyslexia fonts and ruler. It is also a powerful tool to annotate web pages. You can highlight text, bookmark and annotate passages the way you want. 

Reader Mode offers an integrated text to speech and several other handy features including: notes, dark panel mode, Google search, Google Translate, tags for pages, favourites, organization folders, article outline, save edited pages, fullscreen mode, print pages and many more. Watch the video below to learn more about Reader Mode extension.