Enrich Your History and Social Studies Classes with these Resources

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Below are three websites we are featuring in our blog for the first time. These are platforms where teachers (and students) can access resources and teaching materials to help them with their history teaching (learning). We invite you to check them out and share with us your feedback. 

History Simulation, as its name indicates, is an educational platform that offers a wide variety of history simulations, games, educational activities, and history presentations to use in your history class.

Another great resource of educational materials to help make teaching history more engaging.Among these materials include classroom handouts, lesson plans, quizzes, writing guides, maps, timelines, posters, digital stories, and many more.

"The Digital Archive is a resource where students, researchers and specialists can access once-secret documents from governments and organizations all over the world. Constructed and maintained by the Wilson Center’s History and Public Policy Program, the Digital Archive contains newly declassified historical materials from archives around the world—much of it in translation and including diplomatic cables, high level correspondence, meeting minutes and more. The historical documents presented in the ever-expanding Digital Archive provide fresh, unprecedented insights into recent international history. By making new sources available and easily accessible, the Digital Archive serves to deepen and enrich international scholarship, history education, and public policy debate on important global issues and challenges."