Glitterly- An Excellent Tool to Create Animated Videos for Your Class

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Glitterly is a handy web tool that enables you to create engaging short videos to share on your social media feed or in your email. As a teacher , you can use Glitterly to design writing prompts,  discussion starters, icebreakers, short explainers, reviews and many more. No video editing experience is required, you simply upload your images or use the ones in the site's library, add animations, effects, and transitions and share your final product with your students or colleagues.

Videos created through Glitter can be exported in various formats including as mp4 or GIF. Videos can not be longer than 30 seconds and do not have sound. Some of the other features provided by Glitter's video editor include: several text, image and video animations to choose from; various filters to add to images and vides (e.g., blur, sepia, brighten etc); a wide variety of pre-made templates to select from, the ability to export videos in full HD, and many more.

Tweet to Video is another service provided by Glitterly. As its name indicates, the tool allows you to turn your tweets into short animated videos to share on other social media websites such as Facebook or Instagram. The way it works is simple and easy: simply paste the URL of the tweet, choose colors and animations, and click on download.

Watch the video below to see Glitterly in action

Courtesy of Christina Yeh