Another Good Portfolio Platform for Students

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Bulb is an excellent digital portfolio platform I discovered through Cult of Pedagogy. Students can design their own portfolios using pre-made templates and share their finished product with their teachers, peers, and parents. Portfolios can include various multimedia materials like text, audio, video, images, links and many more. Bulb also supports collaboration allowing students to "interact with each other's through comments and likes".

Besides showcasing their work, students can use Bulb for a variety of educational purposes including creating book reviews, video explainers illustrating a learned concept or a step by step process, journalling, an about me page, digital resume and many more.

Bulb is much more than a portfolio creation tool it also has the features of a learning management system. Teachers can use it to create classes and groups for their students and start sharing assignments, homework, class projects, etc. "When a teacher owns a group with student members, the teacher will be able to view all published work by those students in his/her group. This means student work that published to other teachers and groups, even from previous years, can be easily seen by the current teacher."

Bulb integrates with a plethora of apps including Flipgrid, Adobe, Padlet, Nearpod and many more. To learn more about Bulb watch this video