An Excellent Translator Tool for Language Students

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Mate Translate is a very good Chrome Extension that enables you to instantly translate web pages into more than 100 languages. You can translate single words, phrases or whole pages. Alternatively, you can open Mate's pop-up window and type in (or paste) the text you want translated, select the target language and click on translate.

Besides being a translator and a dictionary, Mate also provides pronunciation for translated words allowing you to learn how words are spoken in their native tongue. This is especially useful for students learning a new language. Students will be able to learn both the meaning and the pronunciation of new words. Mate also offers phrasebook functionality allowing users to create custom word lists that can be accessed offline. 

Mate's pro version offers even more advanced features that include:phonetic transcription, unlimited shortcuts, noun articles (e.g., learn how to use words in German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese"), beautiful dark mode, translate speech (it supports over 40 languages), personal phrasebook and many more.