A Great Resource of EdTech Lessons to Use in Your Teaching

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Edulastic is a platform that provides access to a wide variety of formative assessment tools to try out with your students. The way it works is simple and easy: open your teacher account and start creating your assignment from scratch or upload a pre-made one. Edulastic offers more than 30 technology-enhanced question types to choose from and a library of common core, NGSS, and State Standards aligned questions, or you can create your own dynamic questions using the site's built-in authoring tool. Once your assignment is ready share it with your students using a generated link or sync it with your Google Classroom so students can access it on their classroom feed. As students work on the assignment you get access to instant data on their progress. 

Another excellent service provided by Edulastic is the pre-made online lessons that you can easily assign to your students. Edulastic's library embeds a wide variety of teacher-made lessons that can be customized for your teaching needs. Lessons cover different grades and subjects. "Some of the eLearning lessons you’ll find include embedded videos and multimedia that help convey new information to students in an engaging way. ELA and social studies teachers often input passages or historical writings for their students to read, learn from, and reflect on. Math and science teachers sometimes include PhET simulations or the Desmos calculator for students to practice with."