Two Powerful Team Collaboration Tools Teachers Should Try in 2021

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For most of us in education, when we talk about team collaboration tools our minds go to Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, Slack, etc. While these are definitely great platforms with huge communicative potential but they are not the only ones out there. In fact, there are some powerful alternatives that offer even better services . In today's post we are sharing with you two examples of team collaboration tools that you can use to enhance the quality of your team work. Some of the features offered by these platforms include voice and video conferencing, individual and group chat, contextual document discussion, real-time collaboration, file sharing, screen recording and many more. 

Ringcentral Video

RingCentral Video is a platform that offers a wide variety of excellent features to enhance your team collaboration. It supports both one-on-one and group video meetings, You can invite up to 100 people to your meetings. RingCentral Video also supports screen sharing so your participants can follow up with you, file sharing, group chats, record meetings and save them to the cloud, and many more. Other features supported include: task management, team calendar, file storage, team messaging, productivity tools, and many more. RingCentral Video is available both as a desktop app and a mobile app. Watch this video to learn more about RingCentral Video


This is another excellent team collaboration platform that offers various types of workflows. You can use it to manage and organize your projects. It lets you "update project content on pages, skeets, task boards, and mind maps with other team members in real-time. Share questions, feedback, and progress with the team by commenting on content from any device." As a task management tool, Samepage lets you "keep track of tasks, follow due dates, collaborate on documents, and chat in real-time." As a collaboration tool Samepage offers a full suite of collaborative features that include voice and video calls, group chat, mind maps, sheets, task reports, shared calendars, direct file editing, multi-language support and many more. 

We discovered these tools through Startupstash