New- Chrome Now Offers A Free QR Code Generator

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Over the last few days I kept getting notifications to update my Chrome browser but I kept postponing till I get to sort out  the hundreds (yes literally hundreds) of tabs opened. However, after I learned about this QR code generator feature that comes with the new update (thanks Tony Vincent for the tweet) I immediately saved my tabs and launched the update.

Upon updating your Chrome browser you will see a QR icon that appears in the right corner of your address bar, click on it and you will be able to generate  a QR code of the web page you are on. You can then  share QR code with others through a generated code. This is really a handy feature to use in your instruction. You can now share online resources with your students in the form of QR codes, you can also use these codes on your classroom website or blog allowing students easy access to educational content you want them to learn about.

To update your Chrome, click on the 'Update' button on the top right corner in your browser (It is highlighted in red) then click on 'update Google Chrome'. Watch this video to see the new QR code generator tool in action.