Five Great New Features Coming to Google Meet

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Google has recently announced the expected release of a collection of powerful features to enhance the services provided by Google Meet. Like Google Classroom's new features, Meet's features are rolling out later this year and will cover both security enhancement  and performance boosting functionalities. Below is a quick overview of these new features, check out Google blog for more details.

Source: Google Blog

1- End meetings and Mute calls
"Teachers will soon have the option to end meetings for everyone on the call, preventing students from staying on after the teacher has left — including in breakout rooms." Mute all is another feature that will soon be introduced allowing educators to "keep class on track". Also, in the next few months, "educators using tablets or mobile phones to teach will also have access to key moderation controls, like who can join their meetings or use the chat or share their screen, directly from their iOS or Android devices. "

2- Google Meet and Classroom integration
A seamless integration between Classroom and Meet is expected soon. With this integration, when meetings are generated from Classroom, students won’t be able to join before the teacher. Meet will also know who’s on the Classroom roster, so only students and teachers in the class will be able to join. And every teacher in Classroom will be a meeting host by default, so if there are multiple teachers, they’ll be able to share the load of managing the class".

3- Emoji reactions
"Later this year, students will be able to more easily engage and express themselves with emoji reactions in Meet. They’ll be able to pick emoji skin tones to best represent them, and react in class in a lightweight, non-disruptive way. Teachers and admins will have full control over when reactions can be used."

4- Meeting transcripts
"To help students who weren’t able to attend class stay up to date, later this year educators will be able to receive meeting transcripts. They’ll be able to easily share transcripts with students, review what was discussed during class or maintain a record for future reference. "