A Powerful Visual Planner for Students with ADHD and Autism

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Tiimo is a good iOS and Android visual daily planning app that helps you organize your life and enhance your productivity. Drawing on the communicative strength of the visual component, Tiimo enables you to take control of your everyday tasks and develop constructive habits. The app is also "designed to be inclusive and helpful across neurodiversity, including for people with ADHD and/or autism, and support executive function challenges like planning, organization, time management, and focus."

Some of the key features Tiimo offers include: enhance your scheduling skills with pre-made routines and activities; effectively manage your time and increase your focus through visual timelines; keep track of your to-do lists using visual checklists; get motivating reminders; access tons of pre-built icons, background colours, emojis, or upload your own images 'to represent activities visually'., and many more

Tiimo also supports joint-use function meaning that it can be used by multiple individuals switching, for instance, between a parent or a teacher and a child. Keep in mind that this app is subscription based  Subscription costs a small fee. 

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