A New Tool to Provide Real-time Feedback for Video and Audio Files

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Final is a new web tool that facilitates collaboration on video and audio files. It allows you and your collaborators to exchange feedback on your video and audio files. The way Final works is simple: log in to your Final account, upload a video or audio file and share it with collaborators using a generated link. Collaborators can add real-time feedback on your videos and audio clips. 

Source: https://final.guch.me/

All of the feedback comments added to a video or audio are "marked with a time stamp making it super easy to navigate to the frame and understand exactly what the other person meant. You can also mark comments as resolved once you act on the feedback." This is a great way for teachers to give timely and precise feedback to students, Final is free for a limited period of time (3 month if you open an account now). Watch the video below to see Final in action 

Courtesy of Product Hunt