A Handy Tool to Help Students Create Their Own Virtual Museum Exhibitions

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Classtools.net, one of our trusted resources of EdTech tools, offers this handy tool  called 3D Gallery that enables you to create your personalized virtual museum exhibitions. This can be an excellent learning activity to use with students in class. Students can create virtual 3D museums based on 'topics of their choice', share with the whole class and engage in group discussions. 

3D Gallery is simple and easy to use. No download is required and it works right from your browser. Students can use the pre-made template to guide their creation. They can upload pictures, add video links, add a title and a description to their exhibits and then save their final product or embed it into their blogs or on their classroom website. 

Please note that 3D Gallery is a premium tool meaning that you need to pay a small fee in order to be able to save your finished template. Check out more Classtools.net premium accounts from this page