This Is How to Display Participants in Google Meet Video Calls

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A few days ago, I received an email from a teacher inquiring about a Chrome extension that helps change the layout in video calls made on Google Meet. What this teacher and probably several other Meet users do not know is that Meet has a built-in feature that allows you to easily toggle among various layouts. Each layout has a specific display that determines the number of  participants and tiles seen on the screen. As of right now, Google Meet supports four types of layouts: Auto, tiled, spotlight, and sidebar.

The auto layout is the default layout in all of Google Meet video calls. It features 9 tiles on your screen with the ability to increase or decrease the number using the bottom slider. The tiled layout shows up to 49 participants simultaneously and 16 tiles. In the spotlight layout "the active speaker or shared screen fills the entire window". The sidebar layout features the main photo of the active speaker or shared screen with' thumbnails of other participants on the side'.

To access and change the layouts of your video calls, go to a video meeting and at the bottom right click on More, select change layout

Next choose an option from the selection. Use the slider in the bottom to change the number of tiles.

Please note that Google Meet reverts back to the default setting when you close your video calls. You will need to edit the layouts each time you make a new video call.

To learn more about Google Meet layouts, check out Google Meet Help.