Here Is How to Engage Students in Collaborative Whiteboarding in Google Meet

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The whiteboard feature is one of the great Google Meet features that you can use in your instruction. It allows you direct access to Google Jamboard platform where you can sketch, doodle, take notes, and draw in real-time. Your live whiteboarding is automatically shared with your Meet participants. This is especially helpful in brainstorming ideas for joint projects. Students can use the whiteboard feature to engage in collaborative team work, discuss and exchange ideas about topics of joint interest, visualize their learning comprehension, share feedback and may more.

To use Google Meet whiteboard, click on More options located at the bottom right of the video call window.

Choose one of the two options: 
a) Create a new Jamboard by clicking on 'Start a new whiteboard'
b) Choose an existing Jamboard from your Drive by clicking on 'Choose from Drive'

A Jamdoard window will be displayed and a generated link will be sent to participants in your Meet video call. Please note that "if you're a G Suite for Education user, participants are given view-only access by default. You'll need to grant them edit access to the Jamboard." You will also need to grant access to participants who join the call after Jamboard is shared. 

After your whiteboarding session is over, you have multiple sharing options to choose from: download as PDF, save as image,  share via generated link or through email.