Here Is How Students Can Use Google Slides to Show Appreciation for A Special Individual

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One creative way to use Google Slides is to create presentations to show appreciation for a special individual. This was the theme of the Applied Digital Skills lesson on the occasion of Dr Martin Luther King day. The lesson walks students through the process of creating a presentation in appreciation for "someone in their lives whose actions and qualities reflect what Dr. King stood for", as Google for Education stated in this tweet.

Source: Google for Education

You may want to share the lesson with your students and help them work either individually or in groups on designing presentations that pay respect to a teacher, a friend, parent, etc. The process is simple and easy, open Google Slides, select a theme for your presentation, give it a  title and subtitle, draft your message and add few slides. Once done share the finished work with others. Watch this tutorial to learn more about how to use Google Slides to show appreciation.