An Important Distance Learning Resource for Teachers, Students and Parents

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Wide Open School (WOS) is a platform developed by the leading non-profit for kids and families Common Sense media. WOS provides access to a wide range of resources designed specifically to help enhance the quality of distance learning. The work of Wide Open School is a fruit of a partnership with more than 80 leading educational organizations and services including Kahoot, Google, Khan Academy, National Geographic, PBS, Scholastic, Smithsonian, TED Ed, and many more.

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Wide Open School offers free learning activities for all grades. Students can browse activities related to various subjects including social studies, emotional wellbeing, reading and writing, math, arts, music, science, English language learning, digital citizenship, and  more. Within each of these activities you can search for materials by grade level or search label. You can for instance search for activities that include videos, worksheet, lessons, etc. Some of these activities offer free downloadable materials. You can also share them to Google Classroom.

Wide Open School also offers various other helpful resources including: parent and caregiver guides, family services, teacher support, resources on equity and social justice and many more. Watch the video below to learn more about how to use WOS.