An Excellent Google Docs Feature to Help Teachers in Their Grading

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Google Docs has this excellent feature called 'Compare Document' which allows users to compare documents with a single click. As a teacher, you can use this feature to "to compare essays and track revisions, saving them time when grading." Students can also use the 'compare document' tool to help them keep track of the changes they made on a document, capture the evolution of their writing style, document new edits, and share feedback with their colleagues.

Compare document is a built-in feature readily available from within your Google document. To access it open a Google document which will become your 'base document' and from the top toolbar click on 'Tools' and select 'Compare Documents'.

Select the comparison document from your Drive by clicking on 'My Drive'. Next select the one whose name will be displayed as the author of the suggested edits in the 'comparison output file' then click on 'compare'.