A New Chrome Extension to Transcribe and Caption Google Meet Calls in Real Time

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I just learned from a tweet by Joe Dale about this excellent Chrome extension from Otter.ai that allows you to automatically transcribe and caption Google Meet calls in real time. The transcription feature is particularly helpful and can be used for a variety of educational purposes including for language learners and also with students with hearing problems. Otter extension is available fore free for Google Meet users.

All of the audio transcripts made through Otter Chrome extension are automatically saved to your Otter account, meaning, you need to sign up to use the service. The way Otter.ai works is simple: install the extension, open a Google Meet call, click on the extension icon and select record. As I learned from this post from the Verge, Otter.ai is also integrated with Zoom but the transcription feature is not free for Zoom users.

Watch the video below to see Otter.ai in action