8 of The Best Chrome Extensions for Teachers in 2020

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Below is a collection of some of the best educational Chrome extensions that stand out from the numerous extensions we reviewed during 2020. These are tools that will boost your (online) teaching,  enrich your instructional content, and enhance your overall productivity. We invite you to check them out and share with your colleagues.

1- Loom 
Loom is an excellent screen recorder that you can use to create tutorials and instructional materials to use in class. Loom allows you to record everything on your screen with the possibility to add your face and audio to create customizable videos.

This extension allows you to easily convert YouTube videos into interactive video lessons to share with your students. Once you install Edpuzzle extension, a small button titled 'edit with Edpuzzle' will appear under each YouTube video you watch. Clicking on on that button will take you to a page where you can crop and trim the video the way you like.

3- Zoom
Zoom's app is chosen as the app of the year 2020 by Apple. The pandemic's drama and the surge of distance education pushed Zoom to the center stage as one of the best video conferencing applications out there. Zoom's extension for Chrome makes your video conferemcing a click away. With a single click you will be able to host/join online meetings and engage in face-to-face videos.

Kami is a powerful PDF application that allows you to work on your PDFs the way you like. Some of the features it offers include: collaborative annotation, insert various shapes into your PDFs, insert signature, text detection on scanned documents, split and merge documents, auto-save to Google Drive and many more.

One of the best extensions to use to save web content directly to your Google Drive account. You can save text, images, audio, and video. Once saved you can then organize it into folders in your Drive. 

Todoist is a great productivity tool to help you effectively create, manage and organize your daily tasks. Some of the features it offers include collaborative task management, priority levels to organize tasks, track progress of tasks and many more.

This is the best extension for OneNote users. It enables you to easily save web content to your OneNote. You can save PDFs, images, videos, and audio to OneNote. More importantly, clipped content is stripped of the distractive elements such as ads. Also, users can use the extension's editing features to highlight text, add comments, and adjust fonts.

Similar to Loom, Screencastify allows you to record desktop, browser tab and webcam, add voiceovers, embed your webcam into your recording, clip videos, use pen to draw on tabs, and add text to videos. Once your screencast is ready you can share it to Google Classroom, Google Drive, YouTube, or save it to your local drive as MP4, animated GIF or MP3.