5 of The Best Formative Assessment Tools in 2020

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Happy new year! We hope you are enjoying your time with your loved ones. In today's post I am sharing with you five of our favourite assessment tools for the year 2020. I invite you to check them out and share with us your feedback.

Flipgrid is an excellent video-based discussion platform that allows teachers and students (and parents) to engage in rich and interactive learning. The way Flipgrid works is simple and easy. As a teacher you can choose a topic you want to discuss with your students and post discussion prompts to which students reply using short video clips. You can also invite guests to join your discussion community. Participants can comment on each others entries and exchange feedback. If you run out of topic ideas, Flipgrid offers thousands of lessons, educational activities, and topic ideas to get you inspired.

Kahoot functions more or less like Flipgrid. It also provides you with a platform where you can conduct formative assessments through live interactive discussions and learning games. You can create a kahoot for your class and invite your students to join discussion. You can add various types of questions to your kahoot, import slides, import spreadsheets, and many more. 

Another great tool for conducting formative assessments both in class and online. Formative assessment in Socrative can take the form of quizzes. polls, exit tickets, among others.  Socrative "will instantly grade, aggregate and provide visuals of results to help you identify opportunities for further instruction."

Quizalize allows you to test students knowledge and comprehension through digital quizzes. To create a quizz login to your teacher account and click on create a quiz. Add a title to your quiz and start adding your questions. You can also embed audio and images into your quizzes. Using Mastery dashboard you can keep track of your students progress, learn about the areas students need more help with and many more. Alternatively, you can check Quizalize library of quizzes created by other teachers and educators, you can edit and customize them to suit the learning purposes of your own students.

Another of our favourite assessment tools to use with your students. Like Quizalize, Quizziz enables you to either create your own quizzes from scratch or choose one from a huge library of free teacher-made quizzes. Students use their devices to access and answer the quiz while Quizziz takes care of grading and creating assessment reports.