3 of The Best Audio Recording Tools for Teachers in 2020

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Below are three of what I believe are the best audio recording tools for teachers, educators, and students. The tools are simple and easy to use. They are completely free and do not require any sign-up. They are also web-based and can be accessed from virtually any browser. As a teacher, you can use them to record audio clips to save and share on your classroom blog, via email, through social media platforms or as MP3 files.  

Vocaroo is my favourite in this list No registeration is required. You simply click on the record button, allow Vocaroo to access your mic, start recording and when you are done click on finish and choose one of the available sharing options: social media websites, QR Code, embed or download it as MP3 to your local drive.

OneNote has a built-in feature which enables users to record audio. The process is simple and easy. Open OneNote, click where you want to place your recording. There are two recording options: you can either record only audio or start a video recording with 'optional audio'.Thanks to Mike Tholfsen for the tip.

Another excellent web-based tool where you can record your voice. Once your audio is recorded you can then crop it the way you want before saving it as MP3 file.