Turn Your Spreadsheets Into Interactive Educational Apps Using this Handy Tool

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Awesome Table is a good add-on to use on Google Sheets to easily create educational apps that can help you convert the data from your spreadsheets into lively visuals. Awesome Table supports various types of visualisations including tables, cards, Google maps, charts, gant charts, org charts, geocharts, and slideshows.

No coding skill is required for using Awesome Table. Its intuitive and interactive interface makes creating your first app a few clicks away. You can select from the numerous pre-made templates, and in case you know a little bit of HTML you can tweak and customize your app the way you want. Awesome Table also allows you to manage who can see your app giving you more control over the privacy of your data. If you have a classroom blog or website you can embed your app there and enable students to access it.

Below are examples of what you can design with Awesome Table:
"Catalogs: Create sales assets portals, product catalogs, document libraries, training catalogs, people directories, and projects portfolios.
Google Maps: Create maps of your customers, stores, suppliers, warehouses, projects, etc. Easily attach a table to it.
Knowledge bases & FAQs: Quickly create a knowledge base, an FAQ, or an issue resolution matrix.
Gantt charts: Turn your action tracking spreadsheets into visual Gantt charts.
Data summaries: Quickly create some pie charts, bar charts, top-10 tables and word clouds to summarize your data from surveys, requests, and tickets.
Newsfeed:  Create carousels full of the latest news, testimonials, accolades, and more.
Org charts: Create simple org charts or hierarchies." 

Watch the video below to learn more about Awesome Table