Here Is How to Easily Remove Backgrounds from Your Videos

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Unscreen is a good web tool that allows you to easily remove backgrounds from videos. The process is simple and easy: upload your video to Unscreen and click to convert it to a background-free version.  The tool also provides you with the possibility to either use a transparent background or choose from pre-designed ones.


As of right now, Unscreen lets you download the result video as GIF, animated PNG or ZIP file of single PNG/JPG frames. "It is currently not possible to download an MP4 or other video format. If you want to import the result video to a video editing software, you will get the best quality through the ZIP file option."

Unscreen allows you to upload various file formats including: GIF video file, MP4, MOV, WEBM, or OGG. Also, "There is no maximum file size or resolution, however large files and high resolutions will take longer to process and might not work on devices with little hardware resources. The input video can have any length but only the first 5 seconds will be processed.The output video can be downloaded as a GIF, Animated PNG or ZIP file of single PNG/JPG frames."

Unscreen is free but a pro version with more advanced features, as indicated in the site, is coming soon.

Thanks Shelly Sanchez to through whose tweet we learned about this tool.