Here Is How to Easily Convert Your Google Slides Presentations into Video Slideshows

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Creator Studio is a handy Google Slides add-on that allows you to convert your presentations to video slideshows and animated GIFs. The way it works is simple and easy, after you download the add on, open your presentation then click on 'add-ons' and choose Creator Studio. Select which export format you want from the column on the right hand side. You can opt to convert your presentation to Animated GIF, Image Sequence, Video file, or Video with Audio.

The option I personally like the most is the 'video with audio'. This allows you to add audio tracks to your slides. You can record your own voice and upload it to your slides, use it in narration or voiceover. In this way you can create instructional video tutorials to share with students, explainers, step-by step guides, illustrated video lessons and many more.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to use Creator Studio