Another Helpful Science Resource for Teachers and Students

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The 3M Young Scientist Lab is another great website we are adding to our science distance teaching and learning resources. It provides teachers with  tons of educational resources to get their students motivated and engaged in science learning in class. Among these resources are custom lesson plans that cover science topics for grades k-8; interactive activities to help students "discover the real-world science around them and make connections to what they are learning in school"; and challenge support materials.

The 3M Young Scientist also offers a unique challenge for students in the form of a project-based opportunity "that gives students a chance to work one-on-one with a 3M Scientist during an exclusive summer mentorship, developing new skills and transforming their idea intro a working prototype! Encourage your scientists to enter today and use these resources to help guide them through the process."

There is also a section designed for students featuring tons of science activities to help them see the real application of science in real-life. These activities "are based on classic scientific discoveries; some dating back over 200 years. Scientists have used these activities to engage audiences around the world. They might not overwhelm you, but we predict you just might be whelmed!"

The 3M Young Scientist also features a section for family activities where parents can access a wide variety of activities to help them turn their home into a lab .