The Digital Writing Workshop: Tools and Apps to Use in Your Class

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Writing, as is the case with learning in general, is not only about product but is also about process. In other words, writing is about the cognitive processes (e.g., thinking skills and analytic reasoning) students get to activate and develop as they actively engage in the act of writing. Writing is also a mode of thinking, a heuristic for clear reflection and introspection. In his excellent book "The Digital Writing Workshop" (Amazon affiliate link) Tryo Hicks explains how we can use technology to bolster the writing process and enhance the teaching of writing. Inspired by insights from Tryo's work and from several other resources we shared here in the past, we designed the visual below that captures some of our favourite apps and tools teachers and students can use to enhance their writing. For each phase of the writing process we came up with corresponding apps that we believe work best to realize it.

This visual is also available for free download in PDF format. For links to the apps you may want to check this chart.

A New Visual on The Digital Writing Process For Teachers and Students