Sketch Tree Pro Is Free Today- Great App for Creating Beautiful Artwork

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I just learned through Apps Gone Free that the popular Sketch Tree Pro is free now and only for a limited period of time. This is an excellent app that you and your students can use to unleash the creative gene within. It offers an intuitive canvas and a host of helpful tools that include over 80 brushes, colour picker, erasers, smearing tools, cutter, ruler, black ink, colour painting, and many more.

Students can use Sketch Tree Pro to engage in various expressive artworks such as sketching, colour or ink painting, doodling, image processing, drawing, illustrating, among others.Other interesting features provided by the app include "unlimited undo and redo, continuous automatic saving, simple and easy to use interface, even beginners can quickly get started. GPU hardware acceleration, you can create beautiful sketches, fascinating pictures and wonderful illustrations anywhere and anytime. And you can share your works on social networks."  Give Sketch Tree Pro and share with us your feedback.