Make The Best of Google Meet In Your Instruction with These Handy Tips

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Google Meet is increasingly becoming one of the best video conferencing platforms for the education community. The recent new features are one example of how this platform is planning to revolutionize remote teaching and learning. Now that so many of you are either using or planning to integrate Google Meet in their online instruction, we went ahead and created this handy resource  for you. The purpose is to help you quickly and easily access important tips and guidelines regarding how to  make the best of Google Meet in your teaching/learning. 


Drawing on both G Suite Learning Center and Google Meet Help, we pulled together these important resources to help you learn more about what you can do on Google Meet and how you can do it. Click on each of titles below to access the corresponding tutorial. 

1- Start a video meeting
In this section you will  learn how to start a video meeting on Google Meet  (Computer, Android, iPhone and iPad).

2- Join a video meeting
In this section you will learn how to join a video meeting from Gmail, a Calendar event, Meet, from a Phone, and many more.

3- Add people to a meeting
Learn about how to : add participants to your video meetings, remove people from your meetings, and disconnect a phone participant in a video meeting.

4- Use captions in a video meeting
Learn how to display textual captions in a video meeting (Computer, Android, iPhone and iPad). This feature is only available in English.

5- Change screen layouts in a meeting
Learn how to customize the view and layout in your video meeting. Choose between auto, tiled, spotlight, sidebar.

6- View meeting details and attachments
Learn how to uncover data embedded in your meeting including attachments, agenda, attendees, description and many more.

7- Send chat messages to video meeting participants
Learn how to send messages during a video meeting to "other video call guests from a computer or mobile device".

8- Present during a video meeting
Learn how to "present your entire screen or a specific window in a meeting to share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more."

9- Record a video meeting
In this section you will learn when and how to record your video meetings as well as how to play, share, download or save your recordings.

10- Plan and hold meetings from anywhere
In this section you will learn how to : plan the agenda, schedule the meeting (e.g., create a new event, add guests, book rooms, set up videoconferencing for remote guests, etc), confirm attendance, share materials, and many more.

For more tips and guidelines visit G Suite Learning Center