Handy Gmail Add-ons to Easily Insert Sticky Notes Into Your Emails

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For those of you using Gmail, the extensions below are definitely worth trying out. They will help you enhance your productivity and transform your emailing experience. The apps allow you to add notes and sticky post-it notes to your emails enabling you to capture and remember important thoughts, reminders and ideas. You can also use annotating tools to highlight particular parts of your email and add inline notes to them.

Source:Gmail Notes by CloudHQ

1- Simple Gmail Notes
This one works with both Gmail and Inbox and enables you to easily add notes to your email threads. It also lets you add notes and reminders to your Calendar. Your notes are stored in your Google Drive. Some of the other features it offers include: "show note abstract in email summary page, sync notes to mobile devices, works on Chrome and Firefox, supports multiple Gmail accounts in the same browser." Watch the video below to learn more about Simple Gmail Notes.

2- Gmail Notes by cloudHQ
This one allows you to add annotations to your emails."Highlight a section of an email that you received, and make a note about it. Keep it for yourself or email it to someone else." Watch the video below to learn more about Gmail Notes by cloudHQ.