Glose Enhances Students Reading Skills Through Collaborative and Interactive Features

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Glose for Education is a digital reading platform that offers a wide variety of interesting features to help students engage in interactive and meaningful reading experiences. As a teacher, you can use Glose to create a virtual space for your class where you can share various reading materials. You can either use the site's library to look for suitable reading materials or upload your own. Glose interactive tools allow you to enrich your content with annotations, comments, notes, questions, links to external resources, photos, videos and many more. 

Once your classroom page is ready you can then invite students through generated links. Students can interact with your reading assignments in various ways. They can annotate, highlight, add reactions, and engage in discussions in the margin of texts. Using Glose intuitive interface teachers are able to track students performance and assess their reading progress. A system of rewards is in place to celebrate high achievers.

Upon joining the site, both students and teachers are provided with a library of up to 4000 classics and over a million eBooks and audiobooks (only the first 10% is free). And since Glose is also available as mobile app for both iOS and Android, these reading materials can be accessed anywhere, anytime.