A New Google Drive Feature to Check for Plagiarism in Students Work

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Originality reports is a new feature introduced by Google a few weeks ago that helps teachers conduct originality scans on students work. Instead of the traditional way of using Google Search to look for plagiarism, Originality reports, which is integrated with Classroom and Assignments , "compares student work against hundreds of billions of web pages and over 40 million books with a single click".

Any instance of plagiarism is highlighted in reports and links to external resources are provided. Students can also benefit from this new feature. It will particularly help them identify and fix unreferenced works and submit original productions. Another key feature provided by Originality reports for  users of G Suite Enterprise for Education is the ability to compare current students works with that of past students.  However, Originality reports is not totally free only five free reports are supported per class .

Watch this video to learn more about how to use Originality reports on Google Classroom and Google Assignments.