A Handy Graphic Organizer to Use in Reading and Writing Activities

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With school closures in effect due to the current pandemic, parents are spending much more time helping their house-bound kids with their home schooling. There are several digital resources parents can use to help with their kid's distance learning, from video conferencing tools to educational mobile apps. In today's post we are re-sharing with you this excellent graphic organizer that is ideal for reading and writing activities.

Graphic Map is a graphic organizer students (grades 3-12) can use to help them with the structuring of their writing and reading activities. It can be used for a wide variety of learning actives including, pre-writing tasks, post-reading activities, mapping major events in a story, brainstorming ideas on a particular topic and many more. ‘The organizer focuses on charting the high and low points related to a particular item or group of items, such as chapters in a book, amounts of money spent, events during a day, month, year, or life, or scenes in a play. The Graphic Map creates a graphic representation of these high and low points that displays related images and descriptions.’

To start using Graphic Map, click on ‘Get Started’ and type in your name and the title of the graphic map then click Next. Choose the items you want to list by checking the boxes next to each one of them. There are 5 items to choose from :chapter, money, time, scene, and other. In the following page select how you want items rated and provide details corresponding to your chosen item. When you are finished you can then print and share your final product with others. Graphic Map is easy and simple to use. No software download is required.