4 New EdTech Tools to Try out in Your Teaching

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Below are some of the tools we uncovered from the piles of emails we have in our inbox. These are tools that we think can provide added value to your instructional practices. We invite you to check them out and see whether you like them or not. If you have other suggestions to feature in future posts, feel free to share them with us through our email: info@educatorstechnology.com.

"CultureNet provides music exploration programs designed specifically for homeschoolers and distance learners.  It is also an on-demand streaming subscription that is paired with live interaction with renowned artists from across the globe. CultureNet's mission is to stimulate curiosity in the arts from the comfort of your own home."

FlexClip is a video maker tool you can use to develop quality videos for various purposes. Some of its features include: free, high-resolution photos; video footages, and music to choose from; storyboard allows everyone to trim video, insert text, add music, record voiceover with a few clicks; aexport videos in different aspect ratios and resolutions including 1080p, 720p, and 480p; and many more.  

"SafeSearchEngine is a safe search engine for kids, students, community and actually everyone. It delivers all the relevant search results for your search queries except any inappropriate and adult content. It blocks all the inappropriate adult, sexual and potentially offensive content. It is a perfect search engine to be used in schools, colleges, universities, cyber cafes, workplaces, homes and other public places as it safeguards kids and community from inappropriate adult content that is rampant across the internet. It can easily be activated on all browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Safari by downloading SafeSearchEngine.com browser extensions."

RecordCast is a free online screen recorder and video editor. Some of its features include: free; no registration and download required; make the screen capture of the whole screen, application windows, or browser tab as you need; download your screencast in seconds, and add text, music to enhance it.