Practical Google Docs Templates to Try out In Your Teaching

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After sharing presentation templates, today's post features Google Docs templates that teachers and students can use for a wide variety of purposes. The purpose is to empower you with resources that can make a difference in your overall productivity and add value to your work. As is the case with Slides templates, these templates are readily available from Docs template gallery, yet many teachers and students seem to overlook them. Instead of spending the whole day figuring out the structure of your resume, you can simply adapt a pre-made resume template from Docs gallery  and use it as model. There are five different resume templates in Docs gallery which you can customize and edit the way you like.

Likewise, students will also find in the Docs gallery templates to use for writing essays, book reports, and letters (formal, informal, and business letters). There are also templates to help students design their project proposals providing them with all the necessary steps and categories to include in their proposals (e.g., overview, goals, specifications, milestones).

There are  even templates for taking and organizing class notes which students can adapt for their own learning purposes. The lesson plan templates are especially useful for new teachers still struggling with the structures of their lessons. There are three different lesson plan templates you can choose from and they are all nested under the category 'Education'.

To access these and many other templates, head over to Google Docs and click to expand the template gallery. Scroll down and search for the titles cited above or browse through the collections there for inspiration.