Important Distance Education Resources from Google

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In today's post we are sharing with you this collection of distance learning  resources provided by Google. These resources are particularly designed for schools affected by the current pandemic and include step-by-step  guides  on how to effectively tap into the educational potential of Google tools in distance education. These tools include Google Classroom, Google Slides, Google Meet, Chromebooks and many more. Among the featured guides are:


1- Tips for Enabling Distance  Learning through G Suite and Chromebooks
This resource provides practical tips and instructions on how to use G Suite and Chrome to engage in distance learning.

2- Enable distance learning through Google Meet
Learn how to employ Google Meet in your distance learning strategies. For instance, you will learn strategies on how to set up a class meeting, how to facilitate instruction virtually, how to assess your students remotely, how to engage your students in the lesson, how to record a Google Meet and many more.

3- Distance Learning For Educators
In this training course you will get to learn what distance learning is all about, how to extend your reach with Google Meet, how to include Social Emotional Learning in your design, how to think beyond the clock, how to communicate your plans with families, and many more.

4- How to build interactive lessons
In this unit you will get to create engaging presentations using Google Slides, how to enhance your lessons with interactive content, how to enhance your STEM class with science journal and many more.

5- How to facilitate group work
In this unit you will get to learn how to use Google Docs and Drive to motivate group collaboration, how to check contributions to group work, how to use technology to facilitate student groups and many more.

Check out this page for a full list of Google resources for schools affected by the current pandemic.