Another Great Tool for Learning Math

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POP! Math Cards is a useful app that helps kids (and adults) practice and learn time tables using fun multiplication cards. The app is now on sale and only for a limited period of time. POP! Math Cards incorporates the principles of game-based learning making thus practicing times tables "fun, exciting, and approachable".

POP! Math Cards offers users flexibility in customizing their learning experience. For instance, they can choose the background they like to use with their games and play across four different game modes. The app also embeds a wide variety of learning tools that include:

"- Study Mode; access a multiplication table answers list built-in with POP! Math Cards
- “Rematch Problems”; toggle this setting to enable problems that you get wrong to show up more often in your current quiz. (Found in Help & Options)
- “Training Wheels”; toggle this setting to enable a special game rule where you can keep trying for the correct answer if you initially select the wrong answer for a problem. Your score is still subtracted for the first wrong guess, but not for the guesses after. (Found in Help & Options)
- "Accessibility Timer"; toggle this setting to extend the timer for Speedy Quiz and Score Streak by six seconds, for players who need more time. Parents/Educators can check if this setting is enabled by checking the game results screen, or in the Options menu.
- PRACTICE QUIZ Mode; play a quiz with no score or timer, where the goal is to practice as long as you like".

Courtesy of Apps Gone Free