JotForm Smart PDF Forms: A Great Tool to Convert PDFs into Online Forms

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JotForm Smart PDF Forms is a versatile web tool that allows you to easily convert PDFs into online forms that can be filled out from any device. The process is simple and easy, and doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Simply upload your PDF document, and with one click, it will be converted into a fillable online form that enables you to collect responses and generate feedback from others while preserving the original PDF layout.

JotForm Smart PDF Forms is also a great tool for tracking form submissions. As a teacher, you can use it to gather and track responses from your students. The tool also stores all submitted feedback in a single place where you can easily search and filter responses. You can also download responses or save them as PDFs in the original PDF layout.

Seamless syncing of data between the PDF and online form is another key feature that makes JotForm Smart PDF Forms stand out from other PDF to form conversion tools. You can easily map online form fields to PDF fields to sync data to your PDF. Use the split view to compare your forms and ensure the fields line up correctly. You can also add new fields to both your PDF and your online form.

If you no longer want to connect your online form to your PDF, you can turn off the PDF connection. You will no longer see the split view — where one side of the screen shows the online form and the other shows the PDF — and can instead continue with just your online form.

Each time you receive responses, JotForm will convert them into a PDF using your original PDF layout and send it directly to your inbox. You can also send a copy of the PDF attachment to your recipients using autoresponder emails. Form respondents can preview their filled-in PDFs before submitting their responses and download their submission as a PDF.

To make sure your documents are secure, JotForm Smart PDF Forms enables you to password protect your forms and keep your sensitive data safe. You can also set up an autoresponder email that can only be unlocked by recipients who have the password.

Check out JotForm Smart PDF Forms for yourself today!

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