Instructional Videos to Unleash Young Learners Drawing Skills

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As we dig deeper into the educational resources provided by Learn at Home with YouTube we uncover more and more interesting materials that you can use with your students and kids to engage them in enjoyable learning experiences.  The theme of today's post is drawing and in it we feature this handy playlist of video tutorials that will help your children learn how to express themselves  through various artistic modes including drawing, painting, and sketching.  These tutorials provide step by step guidance, instructive guidelines, and practical tips to make learning drawing at home as streamlined as possible.

Some of the things students will get to learn from these tutorials include: the basics of drawing,  how to draw using 2-point perspective, how to use art for journaling, how to create art doodles, the basics of oil painting and many more. You may want to spend sometime going through the playlist (compiled by Learn at Home with YouTube) to lear more about the resources featured there.