Here Is How to Use Google Forms to Create Quizzes

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Google Forms is one of our favourite tools for creating digital quizzes. It is simple, easy, and is integrated with Google Drive. The visual below walks you through the 9 steps you need to follow to create and share your quizzes. The instructions are based on 'Create Quizzes in Google Forms' resource provided by Google for Education where you can also find  video tutorials explaining each of the steps below.

This visual is also available for free download in PDF format.

1- Open Google Forms and start a new blank form
2- Go to settings and select Quizzes
3- Title your quiz and write a short description of it
4- Create multiple-choice questions and remember to make them 'required'
5- Provide clear instructions on your multiple-choice questions
6- Add other questions formats:
  •    Multiple choice grid
  •    Checkbox grid
  •    Paragraph
  •    Short answer
  •    Linear scale
7- Assign point values and make an answer key:
   Click on the a question you created, select Answer Key, choose the correct answer, and assign a point value for the question
8- Preview your quiz
9- Share your quiz

  Here Is How to Create  Quizzes on Google Forms