EdTech Tools to Help Kids with Disabilities During Distance Learning

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With the current school closures, online education is becoming the norm, and in some places it probably will stay so at least for the foreseeable future. With this new reality there emerged a number of learning challenges that we , teachers and parents, need to seriously address in order to optimize our kids' online learning experiences. These challenges are even more pronounced for kids with special needs or children with learning difficulties. In this regard, Google's Teach from Home is definitely a resource you should keep handy. It features a wide variety of materials, tools, and guides to "help families manage and support children's use of technology".

In today's post, we want to draw your attention to this excellent guide we uncovered from Teach from Home which is particularly ideal for helping kids with special needs  enhance their learning through the use of Google's technology. The guide entitled "Guardian's Guide to Tools for Children with Disabilities during Distance Learning" features accessibility tips and tools that can help your kids learn on their own pace and in the way they like. It covers accessibility features found in G Suite (e.g. Classroom, Docs, Meet, Slides etc) and Chromebooks.

Using this guide you will learn about Chromebook's accessibility features for : children who are low vision, children who are blind, children who are deaf or hard of hearing, children with limited motor skills, children with dyslexia, and many more. Check it out and share with your colleagues.