A Handy Chrome Extension to Read Aloud Web Pages

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Read Aloud is a very good Chrome extension that reads web pages out loud to you. We have tested it in several pages and has always been accurate. This extension is especially helpful for people with vision difficulties, people with dyslexia, kids learning to read, language learners, as well as for those who prefer listening to reading. With a single click the extension converts the whole text into audio. Once it starts reading you can even navigate away to other tabs and the extension will still keep on reading the article in the background. Read Aloud supports over 40 languages and is also available for Firefox.

To start using Read Aloud, install the extension from Chrome store, head over to the page you want to read and click on the icon of the extension. You have the option to customize its settings. For instance, you can change the reading speed, pitch, volume, and select wether you want to activate text highlight functionality or not. To access the settings of Read Aloud, right click on the extension's icon and select options

Watch the video below to see Read Aloud in action