5 Google Slides Templates to Try out in Your Instruction

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Google Slides is one of the best presentation tools out there (well, besides Keynote). It is simple, easy to use, and, most importantly, is integrated with Google Drive allowing you a streamlined and synchronized workflow. However, the real strength of Slides resides in its templates and add-ons, two features that are often overlooked by teachers and students that use this platform. In today's post we will cover the first feature, templates.

Google Slides has a Template gallery where you as a teacher or student can access a wide variety of professionally looking pre-made templates which you can easily accommodate into your own presentations. All you need to do is add your  content and, even better, add your own personal touch by inserting your own customizations. I have gone through the selections available in the Template gallery and have picked out the titles below. These are template that  are directly relevant to us in education. To access and use any of these templates, head over to Template Galley, click to expand the gallery and scroll down to view the titles.

1- Portfolio

This is a 10-slides template students can use to create their own portfolios.

2- Yearbook

This is ideal for creating visually appealing yearbooks.

3- Book report

Students can use this template to design presentations synthesizing their reads

4- Lesson plan

This one is for teachers particulalry those who are new to the craft. They can use to model their lesson plans.

5- Student certificate

This one allows you to create and share beautiful certificates for your students.