5 Effective Tools for Technology Integration in Education

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With technology only becoming more integrated into every part of society, teachers are looking for ways to include tech in the way their students learn.

Tech tools can be a great way of keeping students engaged and enthusiastic about particular subjects, and don’t have to be a huge expense for your budget.

Below, we’ve covered a few great tech tools that don’t cost much (or anything!), and are perfect for teachers to use.

1- FlipGrid

FlipGrid is a free video discussion experience that enables learners to record and share short videos with educators. Using the software, educators can share discussion prompts that students can respond to, whether they are working remotely or in a classroom.

2- Google Docs
Google Docs is a fantastic tech tool to encourage collaboration within the classroom. However, a great bonus is the free education add-ons available for Google Docs.

These include a Language Tool for proofreading, Easy Accents, which allows you to add accents for different languages, and a Highlight Tool, which allows you to give names and labels to the different colours you are highlighting a document in.

3- Book Creator

Book Creator, a subscription tool, provides a simple way for teachers and students to publish and share digital books - which can be fantastic for teachers to share a library of books with their students for assignments.

Additionally, Book Creator gives teachers the option to assign students with the challenge to create books as collaborative projects to test their knowledge throughout the school year.

4- Dictionary Apps

A Dictionary App can provide a far more complete explanation of specific words - reducing any ambiguity when students are learning more complex topics.

Typically, Dictionary Apps can contain more niche information targeted towards a specific audience (your students), so can be a great tool for teachers looking to provide clear, concise definitions for particular words.

5- Kahoot

Kahoot is a popular tech tool for creating interactive quizzes for your students. Quizzes can involve multiple choice answers, and also have the option of including added points for the quickest correct response.

Fun quizzes have been a great way for teachers to engage with students while working remotely, but this is also an excellent app for integrating more technology into the classroom.

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