Grab These 3 Educational Apps-They Are free Today

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In this week's apps gone free series we are sharing with you three interesting apps that are free today and only for a limited period of time. The first app is Pomodoro Focus Timer which can help you focus more and enhance your overall productivity by eliminating distraction. The second app is MathEdge to help students lear division. The last app, Stellar Tour, takes students on a tour guide into the cosmos.

1- Pomodoro Focus Timer 

"Pomodoro Focus Timer app is based on the Pomodoro Technique incorporating a To-Do List. No need to grab a pen and paper or open your notes when you can do both in just one app. The app manifests an intelligible and composed experience for its users. We aim to help you work and study with minimal distraction and maximum productivity."

2- MathEdge Division 2020 

"Learn basic long division and practice flash cards for numbers 1-5 at no cost, or purchase the full version for larger number flash cards, more complicated long division, and solving division problems with remainders." Some of its features include:

  • "Division step-by-step guide
  • Division flash cards
  • Caters to both left and right handed children
  • Includes audio instructions
  • Great for classrooms or at home
  • Choose between levels of difficulty
  • Learn and practice remainders (purchase to unlock)"

3- Stellar Tour- AR Stargazing

"Stellar Tour is the ultimate guide to the cosmos. Point your device towards the night sky to explore any type of astronomical object. Astrophysicist Dr. Aaron Day provides a tour guide for alien worlds, rather than the standard inundation of random facts as if collected from a boring old encyclopedia. Stellar Tour tells the scientifically accurate tale of the conditions on the ground, in the seas, or floating through the clouds of the Solar System."

Courtesy of Apps Gone Free