An Easy Way to Save Images from Google Docs

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If you use Google Docs in your instruction you might have noticed that saving images from a Google document is not straightforward. But there is a hack to solve this issue. Of course we are talking here about saving your images or images that are copyright free. For all other types of images you should DEFINITELY seek out permission before you save or re-use them.

Here is a probable scenario where you or your students might need to save images from a Google document. Suppose for instance you organized a field trip and took some pictures some of which made it into your class report which you shared with your students in the form of a Google Doc. If, for whatever reason, you require your students to save visuals from that Google document in order to, for example. re-use them in their own class projects or for any other educational reason, they need to follow the instructions below: 

1- First open the Google document containing the visual

2- Right click on the visual you want to save and select 'save to Keep'

3- On the right hand a sidebar will open, right click on the image there and select 'save image as'

I learned about this hack from Woorkup. There are also two other ways save an image from Google Docs, that is via Publish to Web and Download as Web Psge features. Check out this post to learn more about these methods.

P.S. The visuals that appear in the illustrative screenshots above are of Jotform. They are taken from this post entitled "This Is How to Use JotForm Report Builder for Remote Teaching".