A New Google Tool to Help Students Learn Coding

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Google has recently launched Grasshopper Gallery on desktop providing thus students with an interactive environment where they can practice and develop their coding skills. Students can use the Gallery to apply the coding skills they learned from the core Grasshopper curriculum. For those of you not familiar with Grasshopper, this is a coding app created by Google and launched in 2018 which helps students learn the basics of coding through fun activities and interactive lessons. The app is available on  Android, iOS and desktop.

Source: Google Blog

With the launch of Gallery students will now be able to experiment with their coding knowledge and further hone in their programming skills. Students can use the Gallery for a wide variety of purposes including to create visualizations, mini-games and web pages; "build their own creations and share their masterpieces with friends, family, and more"; and "build their own coding portfolio to showcase their abilities to potential employers or continuing education programs."