Reopening Schools Safely: The Feature Your School May Be Missing Out On

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Many school administrators are deciding how to safely reopen their schools for the upcoming school year. There are discussions of reducing class sizes, students eating lunch at their desks, going paperless etc. Schools are already stressed out about health concerns and they are also occupied with the thought of how they will continue to run their school with these hard but necessary safety measures.
We are here to ease the burden on small schools and introduce them to a new tool that will not only enhance schools’ health safety but also give everyone  peace of mind including school administrators, teachers, students, and parents.
The issue most schools are facing is that they are concerned about a child showing up even if they have the slightest cold, cough and/or fever and schools are trying to find a simple way to keep these kids home until they feel better. Well, with SchoolCues’ new electronic COVID-19 screening form, parents can inform the school how their child is feeling with just a few clicks or taps.

Schools can decide how often parents should fill out the form. We know school administrators and teachers do not have time to look at each and every students’ form so our system is designed in a way that only informs schools when a parent marks ‘yes’ on any question or does not fill it out at all by a certain time.

On top of this, we also acknowledge the need for convenience when it comes to the parents. For this reason, we have made the form available through both desktop and mobile. Parents can fill out the form from home or on the go! The form takes seconds to fill-out. SchoolCues’ recognizes that being a parent is also a full-time job and we want to make the process easier for parents as well.

We hope schools realize the need for this important feature to properly distinguish students who have symptoms of any kind. Schools can be a lot safer with the addition of an electronic COVID-19 screening form, and can save their community from a potential outbreak.

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Zara Raza is a Marketing Associate at SchoolCues. She is a graduate of University of California-Irvine with a bachelor's in Business Administration. In her free time, she likes to hike, play piano and cook.
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