ReadWorks Helps Develop Your Students Reading Comprehension

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ReadWorks is definitely a great website you can use with your students to help them develop their reading comprehension skills. The site offers a wide range of free educational content that include curricular materials for various grade and age groups, reading passages, eBooks, and many more. As a teacher, you can set up your digital class and start engaging your students in meaningful reading-based activities. ReadWorks offers you the tools to track your students' progress and provide automatic grading.

Article-A-Day is another excellent feature you can use with your students in class. This is a 10 minute routine in which you get to enhance your students' reading comprehension by "building their background knowledge, academic vocabulary, and reading stamina". You can use the designated nonfiction articles provided by ReadWorks to engage your students in this reading activity. Watch the video below to learn more about Article-A-Day.

ReadWorks also provides students with interactive tools to enhance their digital reading experience. They can "highlight, annotate and complete assignments online". ReadWorks features a free library comprising over 1000 nonfiction and fiction passages covering various topics including: science, social studies, literary fiction, poetry, arts, STEM, and many more. The site also offers remote learning materials for both educators, students, and families. Check it out and share with your colleagues.

Courtesy of Edshelf