Microsoft Whiteboard- A Collaborative Digital Canvas for Animating your Ideas

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Microsoft Whiteboard is a  digital smartboard that allows you to bring your ideas to fruition through a wide variety of expressive forms. You can sketch, draw, write and share your ideas using both pen and touch. Its intuitive freeform canvas enables you to sketch and draw smoothly as you would with ink and through the app's in-built inking technology your drawings and tables are automatically transformed into well-structured creations. Besides drawing and sketching, you can also type out your ideas and add sticky notes and images to bring them to life. Everything you create is saved to the cloud allowing you unlimited access wherever you are.

Microsoft Whiteboard's collaborative feature is particularly ideal for distance education and for team projects. You can use it to work on the same canvas with your colleagues and in real time. You can add comments, edit each other's creation, and exchange ideas with one another. Whether you are collaboratively brainstorming ideas for a new project, working on a classroom or school project, or delivering a remote lesson, Microsoft Whiteboard is definitely a good platform to boost your distance education needs. "With intuitive and interactive technology, Microsoft Whiteboard for Education gives students and teachers a place to create without constraints."

Watch the video below to learn more about   Microsoft Whiteboard