Mailtrack- A Powerful Tool to Help You Track Whether Your Emails Have Been Read

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Mailtrack is a great free email tracking tool for Gmail. It lets you know if an email has been read. The way Mailtrack works is simple and easy: install Mailtrack, compose and send your message. Once sent, go to your sent mail and check the status of your email: green checks in front of your message indicates that your email has been opened. This way you will be reassured that your important mail is well received and read.

Mailtrack offers a number of interesting features that you can enable/disable from your Mailtrack settings. These include:

1- Email activity
Once you enable this feature in your Mailtrack settings you will be able to access key information about your sent mail by simply hovering your mouse over the green check marks in front of your message.

2- Revival notifications
This one lets you know when your old mail has been read again. You can enable or disable this feature in your Mailtrack settings.
3- 1st Open Email alerts
When you enable this feature you will get notified whenever your tracked mail is opened for the first time by your recipients.
4- Monitor Reply
This feature informs you when your recipient has not replied to your email.

5- Not Opened Reminders
As its name indicates, this feature, once enabled, notifies you when your recipient has not opened your mail after 24 hours. Once you receive a reminder, you have the option to change time intervals so you get new reminders if your sent mail is still unread.
6-Real-time notifications
When you activate this feature, you will start getting real-time alerts on your desktop whenever a recipient opens your emails.
7- Click Tracking
This is another great feature that will help you know when the links included in your email have been clicked on.
8- Hot Conversations
"Hot Conversations alert you by mail when an email has been opened many times over a short time period."
Mailtrack is available as a Chrome add-on which you can install from this page. Mailtrack has also recently released add-ons for iOS and Android allowing mobile users to check the status of their sent emails on the go.

The free version of Mailtrack offers you unlimited tracking but if you want access to the features above you will need to upgrade your subscription.
As for the privacy of your mail, Mailtrack asserts that it does not access, share nor store the content of your emails. To learn more about privacy of your information check out Mailtrack's Privacy Code of Conduct page.
Watch the video below to learn more about Mailtrack

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